General Details

MECH Ultrasonic smart flow meter is the state of art designed with transit time technology for flow measurement, battery powered with 5 year battery life, local data acquisition and inbuilt data transmission to central processing unit via GSM/GPRS communication Network. Being ultrasonic type no moving parts involved, so no wear and tear, and no external power supply required. This is most reliable and accurate, easy installation and maintain.

  • Design to work in harsh environment
  • Self-Reporting at predefined time interval.
  • Selectable Station ID.
  • Local Data Storage for one year
  • RS-232 interface for Data retrieval
  • VGA graphics LCD display
  • Measure & display cumulative flow, flow rate, velocity with time & date stamp
  • GSM / GPRS data communication.
  • Easy to Install & Maintain
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Self adjusting to adopt changes in pipe diameter due to scaling and corrosion.
  • Fast response
  • AMR function available
  • 5 year battery life, no external power required
  • Remote Programmable
  • Self diagnostic function to indicate the faults
  • Multi cross path up to 32 array
  • IP 68 protection

Water flow measurement in

  • Domestic water supply
  • Industrial/commercial water supply
  • Irrigation water supply.
Ordering Information
Model No Description
MECH_USFM 300 For 300 mm gate vent
MECH_USFM 450 For 450 mm gate vent
MECH_USFM 600 For 600 mm gate vent
MECH_USFM 900 For 900 mm gate vent
MECH_USFM 1200 For 1200 mm gate vent