General Details

AutoFlow gate is specially designed for combined flow Control and metering application. AutoFlow gate has integrated accurate gate control system, high accuracy flow  measurement system, solar based power supply system, communication system integrated Autoflow has inbuilt flow measurement device, level measurement, accurate gate measurement. Autoflow can be operated and monitored on field as a standalone gate or operated remotely from Master Control centre when connected to SCADA network. It is a smart device and uses M2M communication to connect to any TCP IP/SCADA/Internet of things network. The Autoflow gate controls the water discharge by gate operation based on desired set-points, or demand based. SCADA system Autoflow gates are part of the Integrated solution by Mechatronics, designed to improve the irrigation network efficiency, with following objectives

• Timely & equitable delivery to water users
• Efficient water conveyance
• Reduction in operating costs
• Monitoring and control or irrigation network

Control Panel: The Control panel has a LCD display indicating local parameters. Operator can program or operate using this mimic panel suitable for both Local / Remote operation.

  • Flow Measurement Technology : The gate has facility to interface with any flow measurement devices.
  • The Smart Flow measurement Technology is used for flow measurement. Flow is calculated using upstream level, downstream level & Gate position.
  • Doppler sensors, either Up looking or side looking depending on canal bed width and depth
  • Ultrasonic transit time flow meters
  • Inbuilt Flow Measurements.
  • Minimal Power requirements
  • Suitable for Solar /DC/ AC power
  • Suitable to Retrofit on existing gate structure
  • Inbuilt Gate Position sensor with digital Readout
  • Limit switches (High, Low, near high, near low)
  • Interface with almost all RTUs/PLC
  • Push-buttons for Local operations
  • RS-485, SDI-12, RS 232 Interface
  • MODBUS / PROFIBUS protocols
  • Suitable for Local/Remote/Automatic control.
  • Flow measurement Accuracy better than +/- 2.5 %
  • Programmable units of Measurements FPS / MKS
  • Suitable to Integrate with SCADA network
  • Level measurement using ultrasonic/Pressure type level sensor.
  • Robust construction for Field Operation
  • Powers-supply 12 VDC / solar power / 1 phase AC

Areas of Application
• Head Regulator/ Cross Regulators Gates
• Minor/Distributaries/WUA delivery gates
• Pipe outlets
• Water Treatment Plant