General Details

Enterprise Information Management System (EIMS) provides the right information to the right persons at the right time to facilitate making more informed decisions for water resources departments. The main aim of the application is to create an information backbone and information flow arrangements to create water resources departments deliver cost effective and efficient services. EIMS focuses on the creation and effective use of IT infrastructure and supporting information systems to institutionally strengthen the core functions of water resources departments.

  • Integration with SCADA,GIS, INMIS & water supply Monitoring
  • Real Time Hydrometric Information
  • Real Time Reservoir Monitoring
  • Irrigation monitoring, control and Management
  • Resource Planning & Management
  • Water Supply Monitoring, Control and Management
  • Integrated Water Resource Management
  • Management of Water Resource Dept.
  • Management of Irrigation Network
  • Flood forecasting & Management
  • Enterprise Resource Monitoring & Management
  • Water Supply Management
  1. Improve government efficiency
  2.  Reduce costs by eliminating paper work and improving processes.
  3. Enhance collaboration and knowledge sharing within Government
  4. Obtain skilled and capable staff and train existing staff
  • Improve citizen service
  1. Convenient: 24×7 self-service
  2. Customized: tailor service delivery to customer needs
  3. Consistent: predictable and reliable
  4. Build community among global citizens, suppliers, employees and stakeholders
  • Promote economic competitiveness
  1. Increase transparency, consistency and predictability
  2. Create attractive environment for foreign investment in the country
  3. Increase access of national businesses to the world economy and markets