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This unit is designed for collection, storage and transmission of Weather data such as Rainfall, Air temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Air pressure, Solar radiation from remote Stations to control room. Rainfall for current hour, Today’s, Yesterday’s and cumulative rainfall from defined date of start of mansoon (Generally 1st of June), Air temperature, Relative Humidity, Wind speed, Wind direction, Air pressure & Solar radiation, water level are continuously displayed. Operate in harsh environment. Local data is stored for one year on predefined time period with facility for local retrieval of data It powered with 12 VDC Hybrid (mains & Solar) power source.

  • Self-Reporting at predefined time interval.
  • Selectable Station ID.
  • Local Data Storage for one year having Data retrieval facility
  • Local Display facility using VGA graphics LCD display
  • Two RS-232 ports, One RS-485 port, One SDI-12 port, One Ethernet Port & Two USB ports.
  • Long range data Transmission— Using VHF / UHF / GSM / GPRS / VSAT / INSAT/GOES / Lease Line networks.
  • Easy to Read & Calibrate
  • Auto Reset facility after one year.
  • Improved accuracy.
  • Input power voltage 12-19 V Solar power supply.
  • GPS Receiver (Optional)
  • Remote Programmable
  • Measurements of Hydrological & Metrological parameter data such as Rainfall, Atmospheric Temperature, Atmospheric Pressure, Relative Humidity, Wind Speed, Wind Direction, Solar Radiation, Water level.
  • Target Cliental: WRD, IMD, CWC, Agriculture, Irrigation, Tropical metrology etc.
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MECH_HYDRO-MET Hydro-Metrological System