General Details

The model MECH DWLR is designed for collection, storage, transmission of levels.The MECH DWLR will operate in harsh environment and have capability to collect, store, transmit current data and also having facility for local retrieval of data using RS-232 serial interface.MECH DWLR can be powered with230 VAC/ 12Vdc power source so in case of power failure DWLR works without failure.MECH DWLR having facility to add five Mobile nos. or the Data recipients.

  • Level sensing using ultrasonic/ Radar non-contact type level sensor.
  • No moving parts no direct contact to water so no wear and tear.
  • Microprocessor / Micro-controller based solid state controller.
  •  Data Storage and Retrieval Facility
  •  Daily Print-Out of the level and contents ( Optional)
  •  Continuous Display of Water level and contents
  •  Industry Standard Redundant Design
  •  Works in Harsh Environmental Conditions
  • Measurement of Dam level, Content, etc.
  •  Measurement of levels and flow in Canal
  •  Measurement of River level, Discharge
  •  Measurement of ESR & GSR levels
Ordering Information
Model Description
MECH_DWLR-007 DWLR for 7.00 m range
MECH_DWLR-015 DWLR for 15.00 m range
MECH_DWLR-020 DWLR for 20.00 m range
MECH_DWLR-070 DWLR for 70.00 m range
Add  ‘S’   for  Serial interface  or  ‘E’  for  Ethernet