General Details

MECH-GMS is specially designed measurement system for radial, vertical and screw type gates. This can be interfaced with a variety of sensors like rotary encoders, absolute encoders, proximity sensors, inclinometers, optical sensors and many more. Special inbuilt function for conversion of radial gate opening to vertical opening.

  • Universal Interface to vide range of sensors like Rotary encoders, Absolute encoders, Potentiometer, Proximity sensors, Optical sensors, Inclinometer etc.
  • Graphics display for displaying gate opening in digital as well as in percentage
  • Self diagnostic & Calibration
  • Measurement in Metric and FPS units.
  • Field Programmable
  • Fail safe input
  • Output 4-20 mA, or RS-485
  • Limit Switch inputs (Hi & Low)
  • Measurement of gate opening for Spillway radial Gates of Dams and Canals
  • Measurement of gate opening for all type of Vertical Gates
  • Measurement of Gate opening for canal Cross Regulator / Head Regulator Gates