General Details

MECH-Flow control is specially designed for combined flow metering and control. Gate are controlled through, actuators for accurate flow control. As Special design reduces the power requirement drastically making it operable on solar power, with battery back-up. MECH-Flow control has Intelligent Controller having interface like Digital/ Analog/ RS-485/ SDI-12/ MODBUS/ PROFIBUS protocols. Local Push Button stations are provided to operate the Gate in LOCAL MODE of operations

  • Inbuilt Flow Measurements.
  • Minimal Power requirements
  • Can Work with Solar /DC/ AC power
  • Retrofitted to existing gates
  • Continuous Position monitoring
  • Limit switches (Hi & Low, near high, near low)
  • Interface with almost all RTUs/PLC
  • Local push-buttons for manual operation
  • RS-485, SDI-12, MODBUS Interface
  • Head Regulator Gates
  • Cross Regulator gates
  • Minor gates
  • Open channel Regulator
  • Gartes Water Treatment Plant.
  • Waste water tplant
Ordering Information

120 Small Gates
320 Large Gates
012 12V DC input
048 48V DC input
060 60 V DC input
CUS Custom input AC 230 VAC/ 415 VAC
07 4-20 mA Output
28 RS-485 / RS-232 Interface
R Radial Gate
V Vertical gate
S Screw Type Gate