General Details

MECH-ACT is specially designed gate actuators for operation of gates in remote locations having scarcity of electric power. MECH-ACT can be supplied with the new gates with hoist arrangement and even can be installed / retrofitted to existing gates. As the power requirement is drastically reduced it can operate on solar power, wind power with battery backup. MECH-ACT can also work with Diesel. Powered Gensets for heavy duty motors. Intelligent Controller has multiple interfaces (digital/ analog/ RS-485/ SDI-12/ MODBUS/PROFIBUS protocols) and interlocked local push buttons.

  • Minimal power requirements
  • Can Work with DC motors, AC motors, 3 phase motors
  • Retrofitted to existing gates
  • Continuous Position monitoring
  • Limit switches (Hi & Low)
  • Interface with almost all RTUs
  • Local push-buttons for manual operation
  • RS-485, SDI-12, MODBUS Interface
  • Solar power operations
  • Upto 1000 Nm (100 Kg m ) Torque Upto 20 RPM output speed IP 65 Housing
  • Radial gate hoist
  • Vertical gate Hoist
  • Screw gate hoist

Areas of Application:

  •  Canal gates in Remote Areas
  • Open channel regulator gates
  • Water Treatment Plants Waste
  • Water Treatment Plants
Ordering Information
120 Small Gates
320 Large Gates
012 12V DC input
048 48V DC input
060 60 V DC input
CUS Custom input AC 230 VAC/ 415 VAC
07 4-20 mA Output
28 RS-485 / RS-232 Interface
R Radial Gate
S Vertical gate
V Screw Type Gate