General Details

MECH-GMS is specially designed measurement system for radial, vertical and screw type gates. This can be interfaced with variety of sensors like rotary encoders, absolute encoders, proximity sensors, inclinometers, optical sensors and many more. Special inbuilt function for conversion of radial gate opening to vertical opening.

  • Universal Interface to vide range of sensors like Rotary encoders, Absolute encoders, Potentiometer, Proximity sensors, Optical sensors, Inclinometer etc.
  • Graphics display for displaying gate opening in digital as well as in percentage
  • Self diagnostic & Calibration
  • Measurement in Metric and FPS units.
  • Field Programmable
  • Fail safe input
  • Output 4-20 mA, or RS-485
  • Limit Switch inputs (Hi & Low)
  • Measurement of gate opening for Spillway radial Gates of Dams and Canals
  • Measurement of gate opening for all type of Vertical Gates
  • Measurement of Gate opening for canal Cross Regulator / Head Regulator Gates
Ordering Information
300 Pulse input for direction & Rotation
301 0-5 V linear analog input
302 12 bit/16 bit Gray-code
012 12V DC input
024 24V DC input
230 230V DC input
07 4-20 mA Output
08 RS-485 / RS-232 Output
R Radial gate
S Vertical gate
V Screw type gate