General Details

The MECH SCADA /MMI Software is a complete automation solution providing graphical visualization, Data acquisition and Supervisory Control for field instrumentation program. The MECH SCADA system is comprises of host software automation solutions including remote telemetry systems, remote terminal units (RTU), programmable logic controllers (PLCs) which are typically installed in remote areas. Communication is over long distances to the host system. Objects in the picture are linked to specific measurement or control data in the database to allow viewing of real time data. The objects are also animated to show, for example, the level of water in a Reservoir, Weir, Canal level or flow, Tank or the position of gate or valve. In addition, multiple colors are used to show whether the parameter is in or out of alarm condition. In addition to providing real time data, several tools are included for viewing historical data and generating Maintenance & Management reports. An event scheduler is provided for performing tasks at specific times, such as generating & printing reports. Facility for Exporting reports in PDF, Excel, CSV or Access formats.

One Package solution:
MECH SCADA systems provides solution to all of your needs, suitable for a simple low costsingle station with just a few I/O points, or a complex multiple screen, redundant close loop control system with unlimited of I/O points Distant monitoring and control achieved by MECH SCADA through the use of VHF / VSAT / GSM / Microwave / Fiber Optic or normal telephone line, Minimum System Requirements

  • PC comprises of— Intel Core i3 or higher processor
  • Windows 7.0 or latest OS
  • M.S. SQL Server
  • 4 GB RAM, Disk space of 500 GB
  • CD-ROM drive
  • 17” TFT color Monitor
  • Parallel / Serial or USB port
  • TCP/IP or compatible network interface adapter (for client/ server operation)
  • Data collection, validation, encryption, logging, storage, and management
  • Real time and historical trend curves
  • Alarm Annunciation
  • Supervisory Control
  • User friendly GUI / MMI
  • Data access over LAN / WAN.
  • Field configuration facility for any combination of analog and digital inputs
  • Detailed Event and Status reports
  • Hierarchical password security
  • Compatibility with VHF / UHF / GSM /GPRS/ VSAT telemetry networks
  • Adaptable to sufficient instrument standard analog input
  • Facility to upload Data in to database
  • Facility for water Audit / Energy Audit
  • Facility integrate with GIS/MIS
  • Configure, monitor and control Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)
  •  Control and monitoring of Dams & Canals
  • Real time Flood forecasting, Flood warning and Flood routing
  • Water storage and distribution monitoring
  • Water supply Control and Management
  • Flow metering at remote sites
  • Process monitoring and Control—-Irrigation / Hydro electric projects, Thermal power stations, Hydro-meteorological Information management, River basin & water shed management, Remote fire detection systems
  • Vehicle tracking and fleet management systems
Ordering Information
Model no Description
MS_08 Mech. SCADA package, 8 I/O points
MS_64 Mech. SCADA package, 64 I/O points
MS_128 Mech. SCADA package, 128 I/O points
MS_# # #  Mech. SCADA package, Custom built
MS_UL  Mech. SCADA package, unlimited I/O points